The first automated system for bleaching teeth

System for bleaching teeth
System for bleaching teeth

Israeli company Marvik Dental Systems has introduced a new teeth whitening system Thera-Smile, designed to fundamentally change the approach to the dental procedure. At the heart of the system – the patented technology, which will be presented to the US market in the fall, after the conduct of clinical trials.

For a tooth whitening system is used, consisting of a device which is attached by vacuum in the patient’s mouth. Device multipulse wave passes through a whitening gel, thus achieving directional lighting enamel. It uses modern highly concentrated bleaching gels are distributed over the surface at the optimum temperature and under full control by the dentist. According to specialists, the technology reduces procedure time, and the final result is superior to traditional methods. Moreover, the procedure provides prevention of hypersensitivity of the teeth and gums.

“We received a lot of suggestions about how to use the technology of dentists, hygienists and journalists who want to tell more about the new device. We hope that in the near future, our device will be used everywhere, improving the life and health of patients and the financial success of our partners. This technology of automated teeth whitening could occur for a long time, because in this area over the past decade, almost did not happen significant changes “, – says the company’s CEO Steve Marvik Pashkin.

Thera-Oral device can be used to whiten teeth only under the supervision of hygienists. The system is fully automated, and the doctor can monitor it in real time, which ensures good whitening results and safety procedures.