Currently prosthetics is one of the priorities in practice, virtually every dental clinic. Due to constantly improving technology prosthetics is now possible to achieve excellent results even in the most severe cases. Nowadays, most dental schools offer dental prosthetics at the highest level.

Where the procedure is more complicated prosthetics. The price for this service is quite high, it is due to the high complexity of the procedure. After all, with prosthetics necessary to accurately measure the size, according to which will produce the denture. In this case side dentistry, every detail is important, and precision manufacturing of dental prosthesis is crucial. In addition, for the manufacture of dentures used the newest and most advanced materials that enable manufacture of dentures, featuring not only excellent quality, but also unprecedented reliability. At present, the technology prosthetics reached truly fantastic heights. Everyone now can take advantage of this service, and it will be provided in the shortest possible time. At the same prosthesis at this time it is made so carefully that the person to whom they are installed, they will feel like natural teeth. Dental Implants in NY is becoming increasingly popular teeth jacket service.

Modern implantology develops from the middle of the XX century. Latest technology dental implants based on the use of titanium implants, which appeared in the 80s of the last century. Titanium has a high biological compatibility tooth jacket: up to 85-96% of titanium implants take root the first time. However, even the latest technology does not allow to achieve 100% survival: success are no more than 98-99% of transactions.

In complicated cases statistics only shows 80% of successful operations. New technologies in the dental implants are aimed at reducing transaction time today for a one-step implantation procedure takes about 10-15 minutes for one implant side dentistry for children, but in a two-stage – 40-50. Increased success rate in difficult cases: basal implantation allows to achieve the level of 97% of successfully completed transactions.

Many manufacturers of implants declare incredibly prolonged warranty period of its products: 20-50 years, and companies such as the Nobel, Astra, Miss, Steri-Oss, Radix willing to give a lifetime warranty (though only on implants themselves, without regard to the correctness their installation, the individual patient).

3d-implantology tooth jacket – a modern method of dental implants with the use of the results of CT scan of the jaw. By resorting to this method, when it is impossible by conventional methods to provide a sufficiently accurate positioning of the implant. On arms Implantology method of layering the image – is the latest technology in the implantation. In some cases we can even avoid bone augmentation. 3d-model gives the most complete picture of the location of the blood vessels, nerves, sinuses.

4d-implantology often called BOI implantology teeth jacket. This basal osseointegrated implants, which are used where bone augmentation for some reason impossible. BOI implant – a rod on the horizontal plate, the installation based on the rest of the patient’s bone tissue. Efficacy results BOI implant does not depend on the blood supply to the patient’s jaw. Despite the fact that the bone does not increase, the implant securely and firmly fixed. It can be installed immediately after tooth side orthodontics extraction, and is suitable even for heavy smokers.

The natural color of tooth enamel are divided into the three primary colors: yellow-white, yellowish, bluish-white. Furthermore over twenty shades. However, most of us have rich natural palette is not very interested in, your smile, we want to see only one color – white. And why not – modern dentistry offers many techniques for teeth whitening side dentistry for children.
The result of bleaching will not be the same for all. For example, the easiest way to bleach teeth with age change color of tooth enamel, dental plaque and pigment coating. It is difficult to whiten teeth discoloration congenital (tetracycline teeth). Usually, a brown or yellow color to lighten much easier compared to gray. Modern dentistry today offers various ways of teeth whitening that is efficient, cost and timing of the procedures dental jacket.

At the core of the chemical method of teeth whitening are oxidation processes that occur as a consequence of the effect of atomic oxygen in the natural tooth tissue. Typically, this method is used for carbamide peroxide solution of 35% concentration side dentistry for children. This solution was applied to a patient’s teeth for 20-30 minutes, whereby the teeth are lighter. In spite of all this procedure, unpretentious, do not use it to whiten teeth at home, this method even when used in the dental office with experienced professionals is not a gentle and often causes unpleasant pain. Chemical whitening is absolutely dental jacket not suitable for people with sensitive teeth enamel and teeth problem. This method of teeth whitening is used less and less due to a significant number of side effects.